In a world disrupted by digital transformation, brands must be able to track their reputation across all forms of media – digital and print press, Radio, TV and social media – in real-time.

On Thursday 2nd July 2015, we announced our acquisition of Die Medialysten. It means a lot to us, and we believe it’s also a big deal for the business of media monitoring : breaking the glass ceiling between digital and traditional media monitorings to deliver a holistic media listening approach.

Who’s Die Medialysten?

Die Medialysten is a major media monitoring player supporting clients with a multi-media monitoring service. Die Medialysten offers high quality, bespoke press coverage services adapted to each country’s media landscape, thanks to the association of advanced technology and expertise.

What’s in it for our clients?

From now on, we will offer our clients the possibility to extend their listening activities outside the social media scope.

Radarly, our award-winning social media intelligence software, will integrate Die Medialysten’s technology by end of the year. Radarly will then include traditional media sources in addition to the 300 million web sources already monitored.

Hervé Simonin, Linkfluence CEO, explains: “Offering its clients an exhaustive and homogenous view of their media and interactive ecosystem is a key point for Linkfluence. We are convinced that this new positioning will increase the added-value delivered to our clients while helping them to rationalize costs. Besides, joining Die Medialysten enhances our presence in Germany and makes Linkfluence a key player in this market and within Europe”

To Oliver Ranger, Die Medialysten’s and new Germany’s CEO, joining the French group is a very good opportunity for the teams and clients:

“This integration will place us within the top three German players and enable us operate on an expanded scope, creating links between press and social media, between PR and digital. Teams will be integrated in the following weeks and we’ll take benefit from our locations in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Leipzig, Mannheim and Munich to better support our clients.”

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