Our approach

Social media is not only a social revolution, it is also a business revolution. Brands leverage only a tenth of the hidden value of online conversations, of this globalized and real time social data stream. In order to feed strategical and tactical decisions inside the organization, these data need to be processed and interpreted beforehand.

Social Media Intelligence = capture, sort, analyze, represent social data to create value

What we believe:

  • Social Media Intelligence is a global issue for brands, not only a digital or communication issue
  • A mix between technology and human expertise is the key to use data in an optimal way and obtain key learnings, business opportunities, call to actions
  • Tools have to be user experience driven, a user friendly and ergonomic design is of the outmost importance

Our history

Linkfluence was founded in 2006 by a team of innovative engineering graduates from the Compiègne technology university (Université Technologique de Compiègne).

Having worked with more than 200 clients and covered missions across 30 countries, the company has established a dominating presence as a pioneer and innovator in Social Media Intelligence.

Our 70 employees in France and Germany are facing the challenges of an international and real time social media monitoring, analytics & engagement tool. Integral part of the team are 15 developers, web designers and UX specialists who are in charge of support and further development for our social media monitoring solution Radarly.

Innovation is our driving force and what keeps us at work. Linkfluence has always proven capable to successfully adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape: communities mapping, cartography, new metrics, machine learning, sentiment analysis.

Our cartography and social network analysis methodologies are widely acclaimed (The Guardian, Le Monde, Sciences Po).

In 2014, Linkfluence has acquired TrendyBuzz, a leading social media monitoring company. These developments place Linkfluence at the forefront of a booming market in France. The company’s goal is now to become the main player in the European SMI field within the next two years.

Management Team

The founders and the management team of Linkfluence have gathered many years of experience in social media and are sound experts in their fields. The team combines business experts, experienced developers, social media experts and market research professionals and drives a team of 70 employees.

  • Hervé Simonin – Chief Executive Officer
  • Guilhem Fouetillou – Chief Innovation Officer & Cofounder
  • Arnould Moyne – Chief Product Officer
  • Elodie Nalis – Chief Finance Officer
  • Fanny Forgeau – VP Research and Services
  • Benjamin Fabre – Chief Technology Officer
  • Fabien Grenier – Chief Commercial Officer
  • Oliver Tabino – Managing Director, Linkfluence Germany