Linkfluence acquires Trendybuzz

By Linkfluence - March 7, 2014


LeWeb’12 Paris as seen on the web

By Linkfluence - December 8, 2012

Coming soon

By Linkfluence - August 22, 2011

At linkfluence, we’re doing social media monitoring and social media research but not only. Our R&D department (15 people today) develops since 5 years all the tools we use to sample, cluster, organize and visualize conversations coming from social media. One of this tool is such a big success that we decided to give it a bigger chance and to launch it as a stand-alone tool.

That’s why we’re searching for two key people to join the journey so we can go public before the end of the year ! It’s a great challenge and we expect really talented people to jump in ! So if you want to know more, click on the banner just below.

Venture Investors coinvestment map

By Linkfluence - December 1, 2010

Complex networks are everywhere and you can map many things today to reveal hidden patterns behind linked data. At linkfluence, most of the time we’re mapping social media and how they connect to each others with hyperlinks. But sometimes, some datasets are so exciting that we allow us a short recreation outside of the webmaps. When we saw last week the work Jerry Neumann did about venture capitalists coinvestment and his need to have a better interface to give access to the results obtained, we immediately contacted him to propose him to work on his data and create an interactive map. In the next days, we sent a few emails and made some adjustments on the map to adapt it to this new kind of data and we’re really proud today to publish it on our website ! To access it you simply need to click on the picture.

vc coinvestment map

To better understand what this map exactly is, you can access to the initial post jerry wrote, he explain exactly the methodology and provide a first interpretation of the results.

Hope you’ll appreciate it and will spread it, comments are welcome to launch conversations about what this map teach us !

ps : a help section is coming soon, sorry for the delay…

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