Social Media


“Linkfluence helped us identify emerging trends about perfume based on how consumers talk about fragrance on Social Media.”

Martine Ferino


Research to make proper business decisions

  • Social Media landscape mapping to nurture Social Media planning,
  • Building accurate consumer insights based on Social Media conversations,
  • Measure the return on engagement (ROE) from your Social Media campaigns,
  • Track brand image perceptions across time to drive marketing strategy.

For a WW tires manufacturer

Mapping of communities concerned with sustainable mobility across 8 countries

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Market Research & Social Media planning experts

  • Tailored methodologies to fit each client’s needs,
  • A perfect mix between qualitative & quantitative approach, human & software analytics,
  • Complementarity with traditional market research.

For a cosmetics market leader

Trends research about early adopters doing their own cosmetics (DIY movement)

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Rigorous methodologies

  • Sampling, segmentation, hierarchization to reduce complexity and find patterns in the data,
  • Industry leader for communities mapping and analysis,
  • Social Media Research realized across 30 countries.

For a global telecommunications company

Brand image barometer every three months to feed marketing strategy

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