Linkfluence’s Radarly software package and associated services track and analyse more than 110 million publications and monitor more than 300 million sources in 60 different languages each day. Radarly provides crucial insights for marketing, communication and digital directors as well as community managers to make sense of the social web.

By getting the most out of social conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, online media, blogs and forums, Radarly generates new opportunities to manage corporate reputation, customer relationships and social network performance. Radarly can provide both early warnings for crises as well as support to identify market insights and best practices.

Founded in 2006 in France, Linkfluence now has more than 150 employees in France, Germany and the UK. More than 250 clients worldwide – including brands, agencies and public organizations – have put their trust in Linkfluence.

Linkfluence aspires to become the global number one by 2017.

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