Our mission

The social web has become an essential medium for brands and organizations. Each day more than 500,000,000 tweets are posted, five million Instagram photos published, 75.8 million publications posted on Tumblr and four billion videos watched on YouTube.

Here lies an opportunity brands cannot afford to ignore. Companies must be able to make sense of this data and activate their own channels accordingly.

Our mission is to support our clients in their process to capitalise on social web data (Facebook, Twitter, online media, blogs, forums, Instagram, social networks, etc.) and open up new opportunities, whether on earned or on owned media.

Linkfluence offers unique solutions to monitor, analyse and get the most out of social media; helping brands devise tactics and approaches to feed their marketing and communication strategies.

Linkfluence teams are determined to meet your specific needs and help you make the most of Radarly. We provide training, support, reporting, community profiling, image assessment and trend research.

Our beliefs

Social media has radically transformed the way businesses interact with their environment. Yet, millions of conversations and publications – from consumers, citizens and companies – often remain untapped. This is a source of value, which must be used to catalyse strategic decisions.

Social media intelligence = transforming data from the social web into insights to spur decisions and actions

Meeting the challenge of social media intelligence requires strong beliefs. At Linkfluence, we believe that:

  • Social media intelligence is a huge opportunity that must be grasped by each department of a company.
  • Real-time is about tenths of seconds, no longer minutes. Keeping technologies competitive means meeting this challenge.
  • Understanding underlying trends is no longer enough. Companies must be able to determine who is driving these trends. In addition to automated language processes and sentiment analysis, there is a need to identify profiles, affinities, and communities to optimize business practices.
  • Innovative technology must be associated with human expertise to truly transform data and metrics into actionable insights for real change and success.

Our history

Founded in 2006 by four engineers, Linkfluence was originally a Market Research Company. It has established itself as a key player in collecting and analyzing unstructured data from the social web. It has also been a pioneer in its field, its web-based mapping for blue chip clients such as Michael Bloomberg – during his campaign to become Mayor of New York – are milestones in its market.

Linkfluence’s mapping and web community segmentation methods have set standards and its technologies have been honored with numerous awards. Over the last six years, the R & D teams developed multiple in-house software tools to meet specific customer needs.

In 2012, Linkfluence made a very important pivot ! It became a software company on the social media intelligence market following the launch of its flagship product : Radarly.

Radarly, the software suite (SaaS), enables you to monitor, analyze and engage in the social web. It has become a success by meeting real needs among brands and agencies. In just a year, Radarly ranked among the top 5 global social media monitoring tools according to Goldbach Interactive. In 2014 and 2015, Goldbach Interactive named Radarly the worldwide best “Earned Media Analytics” tool, after more than 300 nominations worldwide.

Linkfluence never stops innovating and constantly reinvents itself to drive industry developments (real-time, community profiling, CRM and communication ecosystem connection, integration of the latest social platforms, and engagement modules).

In 2014 Linkfluence acquired TrendyBuzz, an online reputation monitoring company. Linkfluence now leads the way in France’s booming Social Media Intelligence market. Our next step: become the leading company in Europe within two years. In 2015, Linkfluence opened its offices in London, acquired the Die MedialySten company in Germany (July) and acquired ActSocial, a company based in Asia, in Shanghai and Singapore.

Founded in 2006 in France, Linkfluence now has more than 180 employees in France, Germany, the UK and Asia; all working on our Radarly software suite. Over ten years the Linkfluence teams have helped more than 500 clients implement multilingual projects, in all continents.

They work with us

Linkfluence’s success has been fostered by visionary venture capital funds. Since 2011, this funding has enabled Linkfluence to match its ambitions in an ever-more competitive environment.

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