The SaaS Radarly software suite is developed by more than 20 high-profile engineers. Constantly evolving, it never stops adapting to changes in the online world.

Cutting-edge technologies to:

  1. Monitor the social web

    Radarly identifies and harnesses conversations and publications throughout the online world (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, online media, blogs, fora, etc.).

    • 300 million sources continually updated by automatic and semi-automatic methods (integrating relevant sources, spam detection, revealing new sources by crawler)
    • 60 languages and over 200 countries covered
    • 110 million content sources (text, graphics, and videos) are detected, structured and archived in real-time on a daily basis
  2. Analysing conversations and their impact

    Radarly proposes a battery of media indicators and metrics, whether on earned media or on owned media:

    • Language identification
    • Source and message geolocation
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Source impact
    • Virality score
    • Key words and meaningful expressions
    • Engagement rates
    • Acquisition and audiences
    • Publications performance
  3. Accessing the data in an efficient and user-friendly manner

    • Synthetic and ergonomic dashboards
    • Advanced filter capabilities
    • Customisable exports
    • Advanced collaborative features
    • Mobile-optimised version
    • An API to interconnect with any software ecosystem
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