How Lidl conquered
the fashion and beauty world

Discover key social insights from Lidl's partnership with celebrity Heidi Klum


Lidl is still largely perceived as a grocery store by consumers.

In June 2017, Lidl announced an exclusive partnership with Heidi Klum to launch a new fashion range – “Esmara by Heidi” – across 10,000 of its stores in a total of 28 countries.

The objective: to distance itself from its discounter image and set foot in a new fashion category.

Our report looks at the social media and influencer marketing strategy behind Lidl’s partnership with Heidi Klum and provides insight into the following questions:

What’s unique about Lidl’s social media campaign
What’s important when using influencers in retail marketing
How influencer marketing was used
The online response to the campaign 
The effect the fashion collaboration had on Lidl’s brand equity


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